Sharon Planning Commission

The Planning Commission Members are: Peter Anderson, Paul Kristensen, Sue Sellew, Ira Clark, and Joe Ronan.  The Planning Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in Sharon Town Offices, 69 VT Rte 132.

The Planning Commission is a hard-working volunteer group appointed by the Selectboard that represents the community as we think ahead, envisioning what we all want our town to be like in the future and establishing the guidelines to make that happen.

In addition to drafting the Town Plan and assisting the Selectboard with bylaws such as the Flood Hazard Area Bylaw, the Planning Commission reviews site plans for subdivision applications. The Planning Commission can use this review to request certain conditions relative to the layout of roads and driveways, traffic flow, landscaping and screening and erosion control measures.

The Planning Commission may also study and make recommendations on land development, transportation, energy conservation, and many other related matters.

The Planning Commission makes a strong effort to contact town residents about meetings where citizens can provide input. Members of the community are always welcome to attend Planning Commission meetings, and the Planning Commission holds public hearings on action items such as the Municipal Plan, Ordinances and Sub-divisions.

The Commission is made up of seven members, appointed by the Selectboard for three year terms. The group always welcomes people who want to get involved, and encourages you to contact them with questions or comments. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Sharon Municipal Building. Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted at the Town Office, the Sharon Trading Post and at the Sharon Post Office.

Land Use and Planning

Planning is the process of designing the community’s future. Zoning, which Sharon does not have, is the process of regulating proposed uses of property so as to fit with the plan that the town designed. In the absence of zoning, planning and the Sharon Town Plan are guidelines rather than regulations.

The Town Plan is developed by the volunteer Planning Commission, with input from citizens. After a public hearing the plan is referred to the Selectboard, which also holds a hearing. The Town Plan includes recommendations for both voluntary and regulatory actions. It is also used as a benchmark in certain Act 250 proceedings. The plan is updated and readopted every five years.

Our current Town Plan was adopted in February 2010. In Fall 2009 the Planning Commission began reviewing and revising the previous Sharon Town Plan with the help of the Two Rivers Ottaquechee Regional Commission. Download the current Town Plan, or stop by the Town Office for a copy.

Planning Commission Subdivision Application

Planning Commission Subdivision Instructions 

Flood Hazard Permits


The Town of Sharon has appointed Preston Bristow, a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) to administer its Flood Hazard Bylaw and Flood Hazard Permits.  Sharon’s Flood ByLaws regulate both the Federal Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), the state Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) Zone, and steam buffers.   Affected are Broad, Elmer’s, Fay, High Pole, Honey, Mitchell, Quation, and Whitewater Brooks and the White River.  Preston
Bristow is not a Sharon Residetn and does not hold regular office hours.  Preston Bristow can be contacted by e-mail ( or by work cell phone (#603-359-5243) to answer questions or to meet
by appointment.

Flood Hazard Area Permit Application