Sharon Health Initiative (SHI)


The mission of the Sharon Health Initiative is to provide personal attention, assessment, advocacy & referral within the healthcare system, especially for our elders who need assistance aging in place.


Mary Ayer, Ashley Denk, Trudi Brock, Carol Langstaff, Mike Zwikelmaier, Greg Elder, Julia Pfeiffer, Mary Etna Haac & Laurie Foster


The services provided by Dena Wilkie, our community Health Care Coordinator (CHCC), have allowed elders to have a consistent person to communicate with regarding healthcare issues, connect with resources through numerous regional agencies and subsequently, age with dignity in their homes. Dena offers home visits, phone consultations, and office hours. Our cadre of wonderful volunteers further supports elders in their homes; helping with groceries, transportation, companionship, cleanouts and emotional support. Our organization is also creating opportunities for community building & health education essential to the emotional wellbeing of our rural seniors, especially following the isolation caused by COVID.


The only requirement for participation with SHI is that you are a resident of Sharon.


This free service is possible by funding from the Town of Sharon, individual donations, and grants. Donations can be sent to: SHI, P.O. Box 42, Sharon, VT 05065.


For further information about the services of the CHCC, download our brochure or contact Dena Wilkie.


Phone: (802) 230-8458

Dena works Wednesdays and Thursdays; office hours are by appointment.