Board of Abatement

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Sharon Town Clerk
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What is the Board of Abatement?

The board of abatement has the authority to abate property taxes. Abatement is the process of relieving taxpayers from the burden of paying property taxes or other charges or fees owed the Town. Abatement is granted when the request is authorized by law and when the board of abatement agrees the request is reasonable and proper.

The board of abatement has the authority to abate town taxes and statewide education property taxes. However, if a board abates statewide educational property taxes, the town is still obligated to the State for the full amount of statewide educational taxes due.

Who comprises the Board of Abatement?

In the Town of Sharon the board of abatement is comprised of the board of civil authority (town clerk, the selectpersons, and the justices of the peace), the listers and town treasurer. (24 V.S.A.§ 1533). The composition of the board of abatement differs for cities and for villages.