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Andrea Morgan
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The Planning Commission members also currently serve on the Development Review Board: Dana Colson, Lucy Gibson, Dee Gish, Paul Kristensen, John Roe and Sue Sellew.

About the Development Review Board

The Development Review Board (“DRB”) meets as-neededDRB meetings and public hearings are traditionally held at 7:00PM in Sharon Town Offices, 15 School Street.  Site visits usually precede public hearings, which are also warned as public meetings.

The Development Review Board is a hard-working volunteer group appointed by the Selectboard that represents the community as we think ahead and plan for the future resiliency of this community in light of climate change and increased risks of flooding. The DRB also administers Sharon’s flood hazard regulations.

The DRB does not have an office or hold office hours.  Initial inquiries pertaining to DRB business may be directed to the Planning Commission Clerk (802-763-8268 x 10) or

The Flood Hazard Bylaw Administrator, Geo Honigford, works directly with applicants seeking conditional use review and approval for development activities within regulated flood hazard areas.  He may be reached via email at or by calling 802-359-3027.

Members of the community are always welcome to attend Development Review Board meetings. Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted at the Town Offices, the Sharon Trading Post, the Baxter Memorial Library, the Sharon Post Office, and on the Town’s website and Facebook page.

Flood Hazard Area Permits

In 2010 the Selectboard adopted the Flood Hazard Area Bylaw.

A permit is required for all development in all regulated flood hazard areas.

Sharon’s Flood Hazard Area Bylaw regulates both the Federal Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), the state Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) Zone, and stream buffers.   Affected flood hazard areas of concern are along Broad, Elmer’s, Fay, High Pole, Honey, Mitchell, Quation, and Whitewater brooks, the White River, and perennial and/or intermittent streams.

Please note, the FHA Permit Application was revised in 2021. You will need to use the 2021 form when submitting an application.

The permit fees are as follows:

  • Administrative Permit Application Fee: $50
  • Conditional Use Permit Application Fee: $150

To download the 2021 FHA permit application form, click here.

To view flood hazard areas regulated by the 2010 Flood Hazard Bylaw, click here.

The Sharon DRB holds public hearings on applications for development within regulated flood hazard areas. After gathering facts and testimonies through site visit(s) and public hearings, the DRB issues decisions as to whether or not an application complies with the bylaw.  These decisions may be reached during “deliberative sessions” which are non-public sessions.  However, the findings, decisions, and permits are public documents filed with the Town.  Minutes are kept of all conditional use review hearings and testimonies of landowners, abutters, and the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and are archived with all application materials as public documents.

The Selectboard has an appointed Flood Hazard Bylaw Administrative Officer to administer and enforce its Flood Hazard Bylaw and to issue Flood Hazard Area Permits subsequent to conditional use approval by the DRB.

All questions pertaining to application submittal and compliance with the Flood Hazard Area Bylaw should be addressed to Geo Honigford.  Home phone: (802) 359-3027; email address: