Town Plan Public Hearing – June 26th

Nicola Shipman

Town Plan Public Hearing

June 26th, 2023, at 6:30PM

Location: Sharon Elementary School Gymnasium

135 School St, Sharon, VT

The Town of Sharon Selectboard will hold a hearing on the proposed revision of the Sharon Town Plan on Monday, June 26th, 2023, at 6:30PM in the Sharon Elementary School gymnasium at 135 School St, Sharon, Vermont.

The Selectboard invites comments at this Public Hearing, or they may be submitted in advance to via mail c/o Selectboard, PO Box 250, Sharon, VT 05065, by email or online at The proposed draft Town Plan replaces the previous plan in its entirety and covers all lands within the Town of Sharon. The Town Plan is meant to guide actions by the Town and development within the town over the next eight years. Hard copies of the draft Town Plan and maps are available from the Sharon Town Clerk at the town offices during business hours. A digital version of the plan is available online at Below is a summary of the proposal.

  • Chapter 1: Shaping Sharon’s Future: Creating a Long-Term Vision
  • Chapter 2: Land Use
  • Chapter 3: Transportation
  • Chapter 4: Utilities, Facilities, and Education
  • Chapter 5: Energy
  • Chapter 6: Housing
  • Chapter 7: Economic Development
  • Chapter 8: Resources
  • Chapter 9: Health and Wellness
  • Chapter 10: Implementing the Plan
  • Appendix

Town of Sharon Selectboard