Our mission is to provide personal attention, assessment, advocacy and referral within
the health care system, especially for our elders who need assistance “aging in place”. It
is organized for the purpose of creating and overseeing the position of a Community
Health Care Coordinator (CHCC) to serve the residents of Sharon, Vermont.

The Sharon Health Initiative Board of Directors:

Mary Ayer
Ashley Denk
Trudi Brook
Paula Duprat,
Carol Langstaff
Barbara Lazar
Carol Sheldon
Jill Wilcox
Mike Zwikelmaier

Our Sharon Town Plan states that high quality medical care should be available to all
Sharon residents, especially our elders who need assistance in “aging in place”. The
Selectboard should adopt a plan to assist community members to develop a continuing
relationship with a local health care professional who can provide personal attention,
and assessment, as well as advocacy and referral within the health care system.

For further information contact Carol Langstaff, President of SHI
802-765-4454 carolang@aol.com

To contact our Health Care Coordinator Sheryl Miller: 802-779-6815

To download our brochure click here.