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Mary Ayer

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Sharon has ten cemeteries.  Two of them are active (Pine Hill Cemetery and Broad Brook Cemetery) and have cemetery associations.  The other eight
are very old and are being maintained by the Cemetery Committee.  Seven of those eight have been abandoned for many years and only recently
has work been started to reclaim them.   As with most old New England towns, these cemeteries vary in size from only a few stones to over a hundred.
They are scattered all over town and some are on private property.  Most of the eight are far from any main roads.

The Eight Old Cemeteries are:
Preston Farm (1802-1st Burial to 1832-Last Burial with 3 graves)
Roberts-Sharon 4 Corners Farm Cemetery (1815-1st Burial to 1869-Last Burial with 20 graves)
Orange Avery (1785-1st Burial to 1867-Last Burial with 9 graves)
Day District (1782-1st Burial to 1903-Last Burial with 85+ graves)
Howe Hill (1784-1st Burial to 1906-Last Burial with 125 graves)
Wallace-Doubleday (1798-1st Burial to 1925-Last Burial with 47 graves)
Alexander (1842-1st Burial to 1891-Last Burial with 10 graves)
Chamberlin-Harvey Farm (1832-1st Burial to 1868-Last Burial with 3 graves)

If you are interested in locating any of them or need more information, please contact one of the following people:

Mary Ayer at #(802) 763-8549 (Sharon Historical Society President)
Dave Phillips at #(802) 763-3924 (Sharon Historical Society Vice-President)
Vivian Moore at #(802) 763-7081 (Sharon Historical Society Secretary)

Pine Hill Cemetery Association (1792-1st Burial)- Please contact Joe Willis at jswillissharon105@gmail.com

Broad Brook Cemetery Association (1784-1st Burial) – Please contact Don Lovejoy at (802) 763-7269.