Ashley Community Forest

Nicola Shipman

The Ashley Community Forest The Ashley Community Forest is a 256.4 acre property that was donated to the Towns of Sharon and Strafford in January 2022 by the Alliance for Vermont Communities.  It is accessed via Nutting Road in Strafford and is intended to be an open space asset for the two towns.  The day-to-day oversight of the property will …

Animal Control


Currently Serving   About Animal Control Officer’s Role The Sharon Animal Control Officer’s main responsibility is to assist the Selectboard with enforcement of the town’s animal control ordinance.  This ordinance, which has been in effect for many years and last updated in 2011, essentially applies to the licensing and vaccination, registration, confinement, and neglect or abuse of dogs and wolf-hybrids. …

Board of Civil Authority

Kyle Rogstad

The Town Clerk, Selectboard members and justices residing in a town shall constitute the board of civil authority of such town. Meetings of the board shall be called by the Town Clerk, or by one of the Selectboard members, on application, by giving written notice to each member, and by posting a notice in two or more public places in …

Board of Abatement


What is the Board of Abatement? The board of abatement has the authority to abate property taxes. Abatement is the process of relieving taxpayers from the burden of paying property taxes or other charges or fees owed the Town. Abatement is granted when the request is authorized by law and when the board of abatement agrees the request is reasonable …

Development Review Board


Currently Serving The Planning Commission members also currently serve on the Development Review Board: Paul Kristensen, Sue Sellew, Ira Clark, John Roe, Lee Simek. About the Development Review Board The Development Review Board (“DRB”) meets as-needed.  DRB meetings and public hearings are traditionally held at 7:00PM in Sharon Town Offices, 15 School Street.  Site visits usually precede public hearings, which …

Recreation Committee

Kyle Rogstad

Currently Serving President: Miranda Potter Vice President: Georgia Potter Secretary: Tiffany Clark Treasurer: Samantha Potter Vision Statement The Sharon Recreation Department pledges to provide stewardship of our town’s natural, cultural, and historical resources. Providing the community with a robust recreation program that is community driven with a variety of activities for all ages. Mission Statement The Sharon Recreation Department is …

Law Enforcement

Kyle Rogstad

Law Enforcement and Animal Control Services for Sharon residents are provided by the Royalton Police Department. In some cases, or when Royalton Police are unavailable, the Vermont State Police will respond to Sharon calls. Royalton Police Royalton Police Chief Bob Hull : Office: #(802) 763-7776 Home #(802) 763-7776; cell #(802) 356-2102 E-mail: Sharon Fire Department For fire emergencies please …

South Royalton Rescue

Kyle Rogstad

South Royalton Rescue provides emergency medical response for most of the Town of Sharon, the exception being those areas where Hartford Rescue can respond more quickly (primarily the Kenyon Hill Rd area and I-89 south of Sharon). South Royalton Rescue Squad P.O.Box 204, 53 Safford Street South Royalton VT 05068 Additional Contact Information for South Royalton Fire and Rescue South …

Cemetery Associations

Kyle Rogstad

Sharon has ten cemeteries.  Two of them are active (Pine Hill Cemetery and Broad Brook Cemetery) and have cemetery associations.  The other eight are very old and are being maintained by the Sharon Historical Society.  Seven of those eight have been abandoned for many years and only recently has work been started to reclaim them.   As with most old New …

Old Home Day Committee

Kyle Rogstad

Sharon ‘s 122nd  Annual Old Home Day Committee Allison Tracy is serving as the President of the Old Home Day Committee and Doris Howe is serving as Treasurer. Volunteers are needed to help with the event, please contact either Allison Tracy or Doris Howe.