Town Office Schedule during COVID 19

Nicola Shipman

The Town Offices are open to the public by appointment only, including title researches, until further notice.  Masks or facial coverings are required.  Please call the local official you are scheduled to see upon arrival in the parking lot.  Town Clerk Debra St. Peter  is in-office daily beginning at 7AM but works reduced hours.  Staff continue to work remotely, with reduced in-office hours.  We can provide most any service you need by phone, email, US mail or fax.    Addressing the public’ s needs and questions remains a high priority.  We will do the best we can within the context of our current circumstances.  OFFICES ARE CLOSED FRIDAYS.  The Town Office number is 802-763-8268.  Please use the following extensions –

Town Clerk-ext. 1 – for Debra St. Peter

Selectboard, Planning Commission, General Administration – ext. 4 – for Margy Becker

Listers – ext. 2 – for Galen Mudgett

Finance, Taxes, A/P – ext. 8 for Deb Jones

Treasurer-ext. 3 – for Margaret Raymond

Delinquent Tax Collector – ext. 5 – for Ken Wright

COVID 19 Incident Command: dial 802-763-7331

Sharon Road Crew: 802-763-7194 for the garage