Sharon Selectboard Approves Lebanon Solid Waste Agreement

Nicola Shipman

The Sharon Selectboard has approved the 2021 Municipal Solid Waste Agreement with the City of Lebanon in order to provide Sharon residents TWO options for purchasing Lebanon Landfill access permits as follows: A) directly through the City’s online portal; B) or through Sharon Town Clerk.  There may be an additional fee if the permit is purchased through Sharon Town Clerk. Lebanon will require landfill access permits by September 1st.  For more information please contact the Lebanon DPW directly .  Sharon Town Clerk Cathy Sartor (802) 763-8268 x 1 and Margy Becker, Selectboard Office (802) 763-8268 x 4, may be able to answer your questions.  This is a new service for Sharon residents.  The Town also provides permits and coupons for disposal and recycling at Hartford Transfer Station.