Town Buildings Accessibility During Covid 19

Nicola Shipman

Effective April 20, 2020 the Town Offices and garage remain closed to the public except by appointment until further notice.  The Town Office phone number is 802-763-8268.  We can provide most any service you need by phone, email, US Mail, or fax.  Addressing the public’s needs and questions remains a high priority.  We will do the best we can to respond to your needs within the context of our current circumstances.  IF you have a COVID 19-related concern, please call our IC Team at 802-763-7331 for assistance.  The Sharon road crew is reporting to duty in compliance with state guidelines for safe “restart”. Not all crew are available at all times.  Please contact the garage 802-763-7194 and leave a message.  Our Road Foreman Frank Rogers will respond within 24 hours.