Dog Licenses Due on or before April 1st!

Nicola Shipman

 2021 Dog license information:

Dog license forms, fees, and accompanying information should be submitted by mail to Sharon Town Clerk, P.O. Box 250, Sharon, VT  05065 or hand-delivered to the mail slot in the rear entry door at the Town Offices.  This mailbox will be checked daily.

Before obtaining a license, a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to the Town Clerk.  You will also have to submit proof your dog has been neutered and that you are registering the dog you represent you are registering.

For inquiries about license fees owed, please contact Sharon Town Clerk at 802-763-8268 x 1 or email

Those who register or license their dogs or wolf-hybrids AFTER APRIL 1ST will pay additional fees.

2021 Dog License Application