Sharon Listers

Galen Mudgett, Helen Barrett, and Ken Wright

(802) 763-8268 ext 2

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Listers play an important role in town government, since they determine the value of the real and personal property in the town. Based on the Grand List compiled by the Listers, the Selectboard sets a tax rate necessary to raise the money to pay for town services, the maintenance of town highways, and the schools. Each Vermont town has three listers, one of whom is elected each year for staggered three-year terms. Listers are directed by state law to appraise all taxable property in the town at 100% of the fair market value. Listers hold grievance hearings for those taxpayers who wish to contest listers’ appraisals. Their decisions may be appealed to the Board of Civil Authority, and listers may appear before the board to defend the appraisals in question. The listers also serve on the Board of Tax Abatement to determine whether a taxpayer may have his or her taxes abated.