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Selectboard 12-02-2019

Regular Business:
1. Public Comments
2. Review/Approve Agenda
3. Selectboard Member reports
4. Review & Approve Minutes: November 19, 25th
, 2019
5. Approve Warrants
Highways: New Business: Status & Action as Necessary
6. 6:30PM Road Foreman Reports
• Chase Site Services: Sharhart Road Winter Maintenance
• Consideration of privatizing winter highway maintenance
7. Horizons PE: Baxter Library Drainage: Addition of Yard Drain
New General Administrative Business:
8. 7:00PM Sharon Firemen’s Association: FY21 Budget Request
9. 7:15PM Visiting Nurse Alliance: FY21 Increased Appropriation Request
10. 7:30PM Baxter Library Trustees: Review Agreement with Town of Sharon
11. Set Meeting schedule for December-January Budget Prep
12. Finance Manager Reports
• Bond Application: Approve FY19 Independent Audit Report
• Long-Term Disability Insurance
• Employee “Stay” Interview Schedule
• Executive Session – HR
13. 8:15PM Sharon Energy Committee: FY21 Budget
Selectboard: Unfinished Business (Status Reports)
14. Selectboard Assistant Reports
15. Adjourn