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Selectboard 03-07-2022


  1. Review/Approve Agenda [2]
  2. Public Comments [TBD]
  3. Approve Minutes: 17, Feb. 21 (special), Feb. 22 (special), March 2, 2022 (special) [5]
  4. Approve Warrants [5]
  5. Appointees – Tree Warden; others as needed [3]

6:45PM NEW BUSINESS: (Action Items)

  1. 6:45PM Finance Manager Reports [10]
  2. 6:55PM Highway Business/Road Foreman Reports [10]
  3. 7:05PM Bruce McCoy – Request for Mailbox Replacement due to Damage [10]
  4. 7:15PM The Sharon Academy Old School House Lease Renewal: timeline/process [5]
  5. 7:20PM Baxter Memorial Library: Renewal/Modifications to 2016 Letter of Agreement [5]
  6. 7:25PM E911 Coordinator: Addition of new private road due to Dion subdivision [10]
  7. 7:35PM Flood Hazard Violation and Documentation – Kendall Property [15]
  8. 7:50PM Approval of Liquor Licenses: Sharon Trading Post; Inn at Idlewood [5]
  9. 7:55PM Ashley Community Forest Committee Volunteers [15]
  10. 8:10PM IT Discussions: Email Protocol [7]

8:17PM UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Status Reports/Action as needed

  1. Selectboard Assistant Reports [10]
  2. Coronavirus planning/updates
  3. Harlow Road – updates
  4. Executive session: HR – as needed
  5. 8:40PM Adjourn

OPEN MEETING LAW COMPLIANCE:  Pursuant to 1 VSA §312(a)(2) To participate in this Zoom meeting, click on the Zoom meeting link or call the Zoom meeting phone number, enter the meeting ID followed by the passcode. You will be connected.  This agenda is posted on the town website at under Home Page “Upcoming Meetings”.  Open agenda and click on the zoom link.  If you have difficulty connecting to the meeting, please call (802) 763-7331 x4 or email