Planning Commission

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Point of Contact:

Andrea Morgan
Office Hours:

By appointment

Planning Commission 06-11-2019

1. 6:45PM Conduct DRB Site Visit at 2911 VT Rte. 14
2. 7:00PM Call to Order – Development Review Board
3. 7:00PM Public Hearing and Conditional Use Review
pursuant to Sharon Flood Hazard Bylaw
Re: Application by Downriver Investments, LLC (Radicioni) to park vehicles in
regulated flood hazard area at 2911 VT Rte. 14
4. Deliberations – as needed
5. Planning Commission Meeting Call to Order
6. Election of Temporary Meeting Chair
7. Approval of Planning Commission Minutes of May 14, 2019
8. FY20 Municipal Planning Grant Application: re Town Plan Revisions (TRORC Staff)
9. Norwich Technologies: Request for ‘preferred site letter’
Pursuant to Act 174 enhanced energy planning procedures
10. Other business – as needed
11. Adjourn