Ashley Community Forest

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Erik Skarsten & Kevin Gish
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Hours By Appointment.

Ashley Community Forest 04-14-2022

Ashley Community Forest Board – Agenda

Special Meeting, Thursday 4/14/22, 6:00 p.m.

Justin Morrill Education Center, Strafford

6:00 Call the meeting to order

  1. Public Concerns
  2. Elect Officers
  3. History of Ashley Community Forest – Michael Sacca (15 minutes)
  4. New Vistas, AVC, VLT/VHCB
  5. Town processes, conservation easement and interlocal contract, town votes.
  6. Educational Programming 2019-2021.
  7. Forest Management Plan
  8. Document Review (30 minutes)
  9. Conservation easement – Michael Sacca, David Paganelli
  10. Interlocal contract – Michael Sacca, David Paganelli
  11. Forest management plan – David Paganelli
  12. Discussion of Possible Forest Management Plan Process
  13. Friends of Ashley Community Forest
  14. Purpose – To support the Committee with possible website development, social media, other communications, fund raising, grant writing, volunteers for work days, signage, publications, reservoir of future committee members.
  15. Discussion about how this might work and how we might get it started.
  16. Educational Programming – 2022 programing.
  17. Discuss Representation on Town Websites.
  18. Discussion of Future Meetings
  19. Scheduling and location.
  20. Schedule site visit and walking tour at ACF.
  21. Other Business.

7:30 Adjourn