2015-2016 Town Officers and Representatives

Justices of the Peace
Although historically Justices of the Peace (JPs) performed important judicial functions in towns, the tasks of today’s JPs are primarily: to administer oaths of office; to perform marriage ceremonies and civil unions; and to serve on the Board of Civil Authority.

The number of justices allocated to each town is apportioned to population; Sharon has four justices.  Justices are nominated for office at the September political party primaries in each even-numbered year. (Independent candidates may also have their names placed on the ballot by petition.) Justices are elected biennially on the first Tuesday in November.

Current Sharon Justices of the Peace are: Pamela Brackett, James A. Fisk, Bryana Fisk-Brackett and Philip Pomerville

Board of Civil Authority (BCA)

The Board of Civil Authority is made up of the Selectboard, the Town Clerk, and the Justices of the Peace. The BCA is the governing body for elections. Duties of this board include assisting in elections, delivering and counting ballots, maintaining checklists and hearing tax appeals.

Health Officer
The Health Officer, appointed by the Selectboard, addresses public health and safety issues such as dog bites, failing septic systems, contaminated water or unhealthy living conditions, and mental health issues. Health Officers are kept up to date by attending at least one statewide workshop each year.

The Chair of the Selectboard serves as Health Officer presently, as there is no appointee.

Town Service Officer

The Town Service Officer, appointed by the Selectboard, is charged with assisting individuals within the town who require emergency food, fuel or shelter assistance, but only when the Vermont Department of Social Welfare is closed on weekends or after hours.

Sharon Town Service Officer: vacant

Sharon Transportation Committee (TAC) Representative to Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission: vacant

E911 Coordinator is Galen Mudgett, Lister

Emergency Director/Coordinators are Becky Owen and Carol Flint

Sharon Tree Warden is Vince Gross

Surveyor of Lumber and Coal is Wilfred Moore

Fence Viewers are Brad Atwood, Helen Barrett

Flood Hazard Area Administrator for Flood Review Board and Zoning/Administrative Officer is Geo (Tom) Honigford

Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District: Mary Gavin – Sharon Representative

Grand Juror is Pamela Brackett

First Constable is Robert Potter

TRORC Commissioner is Deb Jones

TRORC Executive Board Member is Peter Anderson

Road Commissioner/Foreman is Frank Rogers