• December 13, 2018
  • 12:00 pm

The Town of Sharon seeks the expertise of a qualified P.E. to assist the Town with implementation of its 2017 CIP for Paved Roads. To view a copy of the RFP re-issued November 29 https://sharonvt.net/documents/rfp-for-engineering-services-revised-re-paving-capital-planning/

RFP BID ADDENDUM (Nov. 28) is found here https://sharonvt.net/documents/bid-addendum-rfp-p-e-services_paving-cip/

To view a copy of the 2017 RSMS Report and Paving CIP click here https://sharonvt.net/documents/sharon-2017-rsms-evaluation-paved-roads/

To view a map of the CIP recommendations click here https://sharonvt.net/documents/sharon-2017-rsms-paved-roads-cip-map/

Bids Due NOON Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018.  Info:  Selectboard Office 802-763-8268 #4 or selectboard@sharonvt.net