• April 25, 2019
  • 3:30 pm


Generator Bids – Town of Sharon, VT

April 2019

Bid Objective

The main objective of this bid is to assure Sharon Town Offices can function as an ‘Emergency Operations Center’ during an extended emergency. The duration of the emergency should be assumed to be 96 hours – 4.5 days.

All systems (light, heat, phones, water, computers, fire panels) for the main floor and basement offices in the Town Office building need to be energized during an emergency.  Because water has to be boosted to the building from the Old School House building next door, either a second generator to power the Old School House, or a generator sized to power both buildings, is being requested.   However, the Town is only requesting essential functions be energized and remain functional at the Old School House.

A bid alternate will be considered to power all systems at the Old School House.

Site Conditions (refer to attached site plan)

Sharon Elementary School (#75 VT 132), Sharon Town Offices (#69 VT Rte 132), and The Old School House building (#79 VT 132) share an access drive located opposite the Sharon Park & Ride at Exit 2 I89.   These buildings occupy a compact site sandwiched between Rte. 14 in Sharon Village and I89.

The Sharon Elementary School well provides water to the Old School House building, where it is treated and boosted through X Troll expansion tanks to the rest of the building and then to the Town Offices.  The Town Office building boosts water under Rte. 132 to Sharon Congregational Church. The Church has a small expansion tank by its UV system.

Sharon Elementary School is a designated Red Cross Shelter, and it has an emergency generator in place.  It is presumed, for the purposes of this bid, that when that generator is running, water is boosted down the driveway to the Old School House building.

The Town Offices and Old School House are separated by the paved class 3 access road and parking area.  The water line connecting the buildings is located underneath the paved surface.

#69 VT Rte. 132:  Town Office/Masonic Lodge building: The first floor and basement offices are part of the designated emergency operations center.  The second floor is the Masonic Lodge.  There are two 100-amp electric services to this building.

Accessibility of outside electrical services into building:  GOOD

Energy Usage:  GMP reports that their highest billed peak demand over the past 12 months (Oct. 2017 – Oct. 2018) was 8kW.

The Town Offices has a relatively new propane heating system (c. 2010 – 2012).

Preliminary recommendations for generator sizing for this building was in the range of 20kW.

#79 VT Rte. 132:  Old School House

Electrical service is 400 amp.

Accessibility of outside electrical service into building: POOR and complex.

Two circuits need to be fed – i.e. including “subpanel H” breakers 5 and 6.  One breaker fires the ½ horsepower booster pump to push water to the Town Offices and Church; the second powers the solenoid switches for the high-water alarm to the UV water treatment system in the basement.

This building is occupied by Sharon Academy Middle School.

The boilers (2) in the Old School House are new (c. 2015)

Neither the Old School House building nor Town Office buildings have heat pumps installed.

Content of Proposals

Proposals shall include:

  1. Costs for purchase and installation of generator(s), including
  2. Costs of all electrical work (including replacement of existing generator switches)
  3. Costs of all fuel company work
  4. Cost of any site work
  5. Justification for recommended generator sizing
  6. Assurance that proposed watt/volt/amps are sufficient to maintain pressure in the water system.
  7. Detailed specifications, cut sheets
  8. Warranties
  9. Terms of payment
  10. “Purchase and installation” to include generator start-up and inspection, tutorial(s) for elected officials, staff; filing of warranties
  11. Reporting to State of Vermont as required and evidence that a permit will be obtained
  12. Proper disposal/recycling of existing wires, cabling, cabinetry
  13. Bid shall include a proposal for annual service after installation

How to Bid:

Attend the mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit scheduled for 2:00PM Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  Prepare and submit follow-up questions by 3:00PM Monday, April 15, 2019.  The Town will assemble answers and reply to bidders by 5:00PM on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

Submit bids by 3:00PM Thursday, April 25th, 2019.   Sealed bids may be hand-delivered or mailed to the Selectboard Office, Town of Sharon, 69 VT Rte 132, P.O. Box 250, Sharon, VT  05065 or emailed to selectboard@sharonvt.net.  NO FAXED bids will be accepted.  Bids must be good for 30 days.

Bid Review and Award

All bids will be opened and total bid amounts read aloud to the public at 3:00PM, Thursday, April 25th, 2019.  Bidders and other interested persons may be present.


Bids will be reviewed and discussed at the Selectboard meeting on Monday, May 6, 2019 – if not before.  A bid award is expected at that time.


The BID, if awarded, will be awarded to the least costly, best qualified and most responsible proposer.


The Town reserves the right

(1) to accept or reject any or all Bids in whole or in part;

(2) to accept other than the lowest price proposal;

(3) to amend, modify, or withdraw this Request for Bids;

(4) to require supplemental statements or information from bidders;

(5) to extend the deadline for responses to this Request for Bids;

(6) to waive or correct any irregularities in Bids received;

(7) to negotiate separately with one or more competing bidders; and

(8) to award the bid deemed in the best interest of the Town.





The successful bidder will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Town prior to commencement of work which demonstrates that CONTRACTOR carries the insurance coverages listed below.  The chosen contractor shall keep said insurance, and the Town’s additional insured status, in full force throughout the course of the project.  All Subcontractors must comply with the same insurance requirements as Contractor’s.


Commercial General Liability Coverage:


Commercial general liability insurance including but not limited to bodily injury, personal or advertising injury, broad form property damage, products and completed operations liability, and contractual liability with limits of at minimum, $2,000,000 combined single limit for each occurrence.  The contractor must list the Town of Sharon as an additional insured on their commercial general liability policy.


Worker’s Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance:


Statutory worker’s compensation insurance and employer’s liability with limits of, at minimum, $1,000,000 any one occurrence.  The contractor must show evidence of workers compensation and employers liability insurance coverage.


Commercial Auto Coverage:


Commercial Auto Liability Insurance covering all owned and hired and non-owned vehicles, with limits of, at minimum $2,000,000 combined single limit for each occurrence.


For More Information on this Bid:


Questions about this Request for Bids should be directed to the TOWN – Margy Becker (Administrative Assistant) at selectboard@sharonvt.net (802) 763-8268 ext #4.


Copies of a “PDF” version of this Bid Notice, inclusive of attachments, may be requested via e-mail to selectboard@sharonvt.net, via phone #802-763-8268 ext#4, or via download from the Town’s website www.sharonvt.net and the Vermont Bid System website.


Attachments to RFP:


  1. Site plan for consolidated water supply and distribution system for Sharon Elementary School, The Old School House, Sharon Town offices, and Sharon Congregational Church