• June 1, 2017
  • 3:00 am



The Town of Sharon intends to issue a contract for the cleaning and sealing (filling) of cracks and joints in existing asphalt pavement and related work.

Instructions to bidders:  Firms interested in bidding must submit a bid on the attached Bid Form, and it must be filled out completely inclusive of 3 professional references.  An insurance certificate must be submitted with the bid form.  If a change is made to the bid, the person making said change shall initial the change.

There will be no pre-bid meeting. Bidders must familiarize themselves with conditions.

The bid will be awarded on the basis of the lowest unit price. The cost of traffic control, in compliance with the current MUTCD shall be included in the bid price.

A major solar installation will be underway in the Town of Strafford during July-August 2017, and a traffic control plan and crack sealing schedule needs to be coordinated with the Town of Sharon and Conti Solar Project Manager Sean Harrington (cell) 734-427-1009; 100 Grove Street, Worcester, MA  01605.  There will be added construction vehicles on Rte. 132 during July-August.

Bidders are required to contact the Sharon Road Foreman with any questions regarding the specifications for the project or road conditions by 5PM May 17th. After this time questions will not be answered.  Mr. Tim Higgins can be reached at Sharon Town Garage 802-763-719 (leave message).

Bid Due Date:  Bids must be returned to the Sharon Town Offices, P.O. Box 250, 69 Rte. 132, Sharon, VT  05065 by 3:00PM Thursday, JUNE 1st, 2017.    Bids obtained after that time will be considered non-conforming.

Bids must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked “FY17 crack sealing bid”. Please do not fax or email your bid.

 Bid Opening and Award:  Bids will be opened and read aloud to the public at 3:00pm June 1st.   An award of contract, if one is made, is expected to be made during the Selectboard meeting commencing at 6:30PM on June 5, 2017.  However, bids must be valid for thirty (30) days from the date of opening.

The Sharon Selectboard reserves the right to reject any and all bids or to waive any informality when it deems to be in the best interest of the Town.


 Contractor shall furnish all equipment, labor, and materials required to perform all operations in connection with the reshaping, cleaning, drying, and sealing of all random, construction and thermal cracks in pavement at the locations specified below.

 Standards of ConstructionConstruction will be governed by VTRANS 2011 standard specifications for Construction with current special provisions, as modified by general special provisions.  Preparation, heating, mixing, and application of sealant shall be in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

The removal of all vegetation, grass, dirt and debris and the preparation of the cracks, as required by the field conditions and the Sharon Road Foreman, shall be performed prior to the sealing of the cracks in the bituminous concrete.  All debris removed from the crack shall be removed so as to prevent recontamination of the crack.  Cracks will be shaped with a paver router when necessary.

Contractor shall furnish all equipment, labor, and materials for traffic control in accordance with the current MUTCD for traffic control.

Location of Work:  TH2 – VT Rte. 132:  Contractor will begin crack sealing where 2016 crack sealing ended in the vicinity of the intersection of Rte. 132 and TH25 Steele Road (by the Inn at Idlewood).  Contractor shall proceed in an easterly direction on Rte. 132 towards the Town of Strafford to the intersection with (TH1) Beaver Meadow Road and in accordance with the Town’s budget limitation of $12,000.

 Completion of Work:  The deadline for completion of work is September 30, 2017 or as field conditions permit.

Method of MeasurementHot-poured crack sealant will be measured by the pound of material incorporated in the work.

Basis of PaymentThe accepted quantity of hot-poured crack sealant will be paid for at the contract unit price per pound, complete in place.   Cleaning and routing will be subsidiary.

 Maximum Payment for Work: The maximum available compensation to Contractor will be $12,000 and in accordance with the FY2017-2018 highway budgets. 

 Traffic ControlCONTRACTOR will provide a traffic control plan for this project in compliance with the most current MUTCD.  The plan must be approved by the Sharon Road Foreman.  CONTRACTOR must provide adequate safety and warning signs at the project.  One lane of road shall be kept open to traffic at all times, with traffic discontinued on the lane being filled.  Traffic may be permitted on the crack-filled section when tracking does not result.

 Control of WorkAll work shall be done under the supervision of the Sharon Road Foreman and to his satisfaction.   The Sharon Road Foreman will have the authority to suspend the work wholly or in part for such periods as he may deem necessary due to the failure of the Contractor to correct conditions unsafe for workers or the general public; for failure to carry out provisions of the Contract; for failure to carry out orders; for conditions considered unsuitable for the completion of the work, including unfit weather; or for any other condition or reason deemed to be in the public interest.  The Contractor shall not be entitled any additional payments arising out of any such suspensions.

The Town of Sharon reserves the right to demand a certificate of compliance for a material or product used on the project.

Familiarity with Laws:  The bidder is assumed to have made himself or herself familiar with all federal and state laws and all local bylaws, ordinances and regulations which in any manner affect those engaged or employed on the work or affect the materials or equipment used in the work or affect the conduct of the work, and the bidder, if awarded the contract, shall be obligated to perform the work in conformity with said laws, by-laws, ordinances and regulations notwithstanding its ignorance thereof.

Insurance Requirements:  The successful bidder will provide satisfactory evidence of insurance upon bid submittal, including the following:

The contractor shall agree to provide and maintain the following types and amounts of insurance for the term of this contract. This insurance shall be obtained from an insurer having an A.M. Best Insurance Rating of at least A-, financial size category VII or greater. [www.ambest.com]

Commercial General Liability Coverage:  Commercial General Liability Insurance including but not limited to Bodily Injury, Personal/Advertising Injury, Broad Form Property Damage, Products and Completed Operations Liability and Contractual Liability with limits of, at minimum, $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for each occurrence.  The Contractor must list the Named Member as Additional Insured’s on their Commercial General Liability Policy.

Commercial Auto Coverage:  Commercial Auto Liability Insurance covering all Owned &  Hired and Non-Owned vehicles, with limits of, at minimal,  $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for each occurrence.  The Contractor must list the Named Member as Additional Insured’s on their Commercial Auto Liability Policy

Workers’ Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance:  Statutory Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Employers Liability with limits of, at minimum, $1,000,000 any one occurrence.  The Contractor must show evidence of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Coverage.

All Certificates shall contain a provision stating that the coverage afforded under said policies will not be cancelled, materially changed or not renewed without thirty (30) days written prior notice, except ten (10) days for non-payment of premium, to the Named Member.

Payment Requirements:  CONTRACTOR’S invoice(s) will be paid by the Town within 20 days of receipt.  Invoice(s) will first be reviewed and approved by the Sharon Road Foreman.  The Sharon Selectboard will approve the warrant for payment.  Any questions concerning payment provisions shall be addressed to Finance Manager Deb Jones (802) 763-8268 #8.

 For Information:  Road Foreman Tim Higgins (802) 763-7194.  Please leave a message if you do not reach him at first.   Questions about the bid process may be addressed to Selectmen’s Assistant Margy Becker, (802) 763-8268 #4 (9:00AM – 4:30PM M-Thursdays).  Office is closed Fridays.

 Scheduling Pre-Construction Meeting:  Contractor will be responsible for notifying the Road Foreman 14 days prior to the commencement of work in order to schedule a pre-construction meeting.

Notices of Start and End to Work:  The Contractor shall provide the Town of Sharon Selectboard’s Office 7 days’ notice in advance of construction, in order for public notices of lane closures on Rte. 132 to be published.  Likewise, Contractor shall contact the Road Foreman and

Conti Solar 24 hours in advance of construction.  If the contractor interrupts work on the Town of Sharon’s contract, the contractor must re-notify the Road Foreman and Conti Solar. 

Attachment (Bid Form)



P.O. Box 250

Sharon, VT  05065



By signing this bid form the bidder signifies his/her understanding of the terms and conditions described in the Invitation to Bid and Specifications.  No variations will be accepted.

 Price per pound of material, including supplies, labor, signs, and equipment for traffic control:  $____________________________/per pound.

Crack sealing manufacturer and product name _______________________________________


Estimated Dates of Construction: _________________________________________________

Date ________________                   _______________________________________________

                                                            Signature of Person Authorized to Bid


(Printed) Name and Title of Authorized Person

Company Name________________________________________________________________

Company Legal & Mailing Addresses: __________________________________________________


Telephone (office): _______________________            Email:______________________________

Project Manager: _________________________ (Cell) ________________________________

Project Manager Email:____________________

Contact Information for 3 Professional References for work completed w/n 24 months:

  1. ______________________________________________________________.
  2. ______________________________________________________________.
  3. ______________________________________________________________.