The Sharon Selectboard will hold a public hearing at 7PM Monday Jan 22, 2018  in Sharon Town Offices, 69 VT Rte 132, on the Selectboard’s motion to discontinue Ogden Lane, a class 3 town highway.  The road begins at Rte. 132 opposite Steele Road, and continues southerly for .16 miles to its terminus on land of Tom Ward & Elizabeth Eddy.  Ogden Lane also provides access to land owned by Marcy Marceau & Alexandre Bird.

Vermont law requires 30 days’ notice to the landowners affected by potential discontinuance, the general public, the Town Clerk’s office, and Sharon Planning Commission.  The public hearing process is required to include a site visit, consideration of public comments, and research that is relevant to the proceedings.  The Selectboard must find that “the public good, necessity, and convenience of the inhabitants of the town requires the highway to be reclassified or discontinued”. (19 VSA Sec. 710)  FOR MORE INFO: contact the Selectboard Office 763-8268 #4.  (Mon-Thursday 9-4:30PM)  Public Comments are welcomed and encouraged!